Varnelli Amaro Sibilla NV 1 Liter

  • Producers of Exceptional Spirits Since 1868
  • Traditional Recipe of The Varnelli Family
  • Secret Family Method, The Finest Natural Ingredients
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Girolamo Varnelli's journey started with a brilliant idea that birthed the legendary Amaro Sibilla, a tonic liquor of unparalleled excellence. In 1909, it proudly secured the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition in Turin, setting the stage for a legacy of greatness.

In a beautiful area on the slopes of the Sibillini Mountains in Italy's Marche Region, you'll find Distilleria Varnelli. They've been making exceptional spirits since 1868. It all began with Girolamo Varnelli, a clever herbalist who created Amaro Sibilla, a fantastic tonic liquor that won a gold medal in 1909.

Fast forward to today, and Distilleria Varnelli is still going strong, run by the fourth generation of the Varnelli family, and it's led by four remarkable women. They focus on blending old traditions with new ideas, ensuring the best quality while caring for the environment and their community.

Their distillery is in Pievebovigliana, and they have a modern headquarters in Muccia, designed to fit in with the stunning natural surroundings. They choose the finest natural ingredients for their products, some of which are made using secret family methods passed down through the generations.

Since 1868 Amaro Sibilla has been obtained from a concoction of herbs, roots and barks prepared over a wood fire and sweetened with honey. A long ageing and decanting period is then needed in order to get a transparent smooth tasting product, moderately bitter and with the right alcoholic strength.

Tasting Notes: Strong aromas of bitter herbs and dried fruit (chestnuts, walnut husk), followed by scents of coffee and honey. The first impression of sweetness due to honey is then followed by an intense bitter tannic taste with a long-length finish. Fine aromas of chestnuts, honey, dried fruit, vanilla and coffee.



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