Why Choose One Vine Wines?

  • One Vine Wines has the depth of expertise and breadth of selection to deliver the perfect, consumer-oriented wines at the right prices. 
  • Our focus on tasting rather than selling plus our commitment to removing costs is unique and a proven success in the industry. 
  • Tasting expertise + reduced costs = improved client margins.
  • Clients appreciate our superior customer service and our simple and easy buying and tracking process.
  • We take the pain out of your business by finding the wines that meet your margin requirements yet keep your customers happy.
  • You take care of your business, and we’ll take care of the wine. 
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What motivates wholesale wine buyers to choose one supplier over another?  Traditional relationships, service, marketing, money, clout? All of these and more?

For all types of wholesale wine buyers, their primary concern comes down to maintaining reasonable profit margins. But they also want quality products, consistent supply, and sufficient inventory. 

Throw in well-known brands, high-scoring wines, and fair payment terms, and you have a deal.

Let’s look a little deeper.

Wine Retailers

Supplier, distributor and retailer consolidation adds limits and raises barriers throughout the industry’s supply chain, making it supremely difficult for smaller players to access customers and maintain margins.

For independent wine retailers, this means access to the breadth and depth of available offerings is limited. Finding wines that satisfy consumer’s desires at price points that meet the needs of both retailers and consumers becomes harder.

  1. Retailers want more, not less, access to the wider variety of wines available in today’s global marketplace. 
  2. They want to offer brands that consumers know and love, and that meet competitive offers. 
  3. They also wish to delight their customers with something unique.
  4. Retailing is a famously low margin business so managing margins is critical to survival. Having to buy the range of wines dictated by large distributors can result in write-offs, lower margins and unhappy customers.
  5. Wine retailers are busy and spending valuable time meeting with dozens of winery reps or distributor salespeople can be unproductive. 
  6. Having exclusive products allow for more price elasticity and margin.

One Vine Wines has solutions for wine retailers.

  1. We work directly with clients to source the wines they need. By eliminating sales people on the street, our model is more lean, which means lower prices for you. Wine buyers can save valuable time that can be put toward more productive use.
  2. We source thousands of well-known wines plus new and exciting wines from around the world. Our team tastes and rates over 5k wines every year ensuring access to the most in-demand and unique quality wines.
  3. Our reliable supply chain removes the worry of running out of stock at a critical time.

By capitalizing on technology to eliminate layers of cost, One Vine Wines delivers for retailers who want to improve margins and provide high-quality, in-demand wines to their customers.

Wine Wholesalers and Distributors

The adage of “Location. Location. Location.” expressed in terms of the wine trade is “Margin. Margin. Margin.” 

Nowhere is this more a mantra than with wholesale wine distributors where margins are their lifeblood. 

  1. Wholesalers want to have quality wines that consumers love. Many will choose wines that have higher ratings or those that are promoted by critics.
  2. Due to strict margin requirements, wholesalers often have to force unwanted wines through the supply chain resulting in bloated inventories and unhappy customers.
  3. No distributor wants to run out of product at a crucial time so having enough inventory is another key demand.

The solution is to provide the right mix of inventory and remove costs from the supply chain. Then margins become more manageable and sustainable. 

  1. One Vine Wines adds value by helping you decipher the good from the bad and highlighting margin opportunities. 
  2. By cutting costs, such as those associated with salespeople, we can offer lower prices, increasing distributor margins.
  3. One Vine Wines offers all clients equal access to highly-allocated wines. No one customer has priority over another. 
  4. We also offer the option for you to generate pre-arrival sales of top wines, which allows you to gauge customer interest prior to taking on inventory.

Wine Importers

Wine importing seems glamorous but what isn’t generally known is that to be a wine importer is costly in terms of time and money. Importers have to buy the wine first and finding wine demands much in the way of time and travel.  

  1. Wine importers are concerned with margin because, without a reasonable operating margin, they can’t stay in business. 
  2. Importers want to source the best wines at the best prices. 
  3. Traveling around the world seeking these wines is costly and time-consuming.

One Vine Wines has solutions for wine importers.

  1. We help importers supplement their offerings tenfold. We carry thousands of SKUs at every price point from around the world. 
  2. Most of the wines we offer come in at 90+ ratings or have been confirmed with independent sommeliers to ensure the best quality.
  3. One Vine Wines can be an importer’s eyes and taste buds on the ground, reducing costs.
  4. We continually evaluate the price and quality of every wine we offer versus our competitors, so our customers get the highest quality wines at the best prices.
  5. If you want to focus your time and energy on marketing, we can assist with import, fulfillment and compliance.

Wine Clubs

Wine clubs are great ways to raise money for charitable causes. By contracting with a reputable, trusted, experienced partner, wine clubs can increase the proceeds of wine sales and auctions.

Whether a new club or one that needs refreshing, One Vine Wines helps clients make more money. We have contracted with many wine clubs over the years, including Stanford University

  1. Wine clubs are delighted with our experience, wide selection of high-quality brand name and private label wines, low cost, and streamlined yet personal customer service.
  2. Because of our depth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of the wine trade, we can source the perfect wines to meet the needs of any wine club at prices that fit any budget.
  3. With easy ordering, payment, and fulfillment, wines arrive according to each client's needs. 
  4. We have an exceptional list of organic, biodynamic and natural wine suppliers too.