Salvacion Original Mezcal Mexico

  • Crafted in the Heart of Oaxaca, a Place of Tradition and Craftsmanship
  • Hand-Harvested Agaves, 150-Year-Old Distillery, and Traditional Methods
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This exceptional Mezcal frees the spirit and reveals the soul. It's an experience of salvation when one opens their soul to the extraordinary.

SALVACIÓN's home, Oaxaca, is a place like no other. Its where hard work is respected, craftsmanship is celebrated, and tradition is cherished. The pride they take in their roots shines through in every sip of SALVACIÓN. 

The journey begins with hand-harvested agaves, roasted in the earth at a 150-year-old distillery. They're crushed by a horse-drawn stone wheel and distilled in traditional clay ovens, fueled by wood-burning fires. Using a 6th generation recipe, they carefully double-distill SALVACIÓN. The master distiller meticulously samples each tiny batch before filling each hand-labeled, hand-blown bottle. It takes over a month to go from harvest to the SALVACIÓN experience.

Salvación Original is an ultra-premium artisanal mezcal known for its use of 100% mature agave. Traditional methods, including milling, firewood, underground pit-smoking, natural fermentation, and distillation in copper and clay alembic, result in a clean and powerful character with a smooth finish. 

Tasting NotesThis mezcal offers a balanced aroma of herbs and fresh green citrus, while the taste reveals delicate sweetness, smokiness, and harmonious flavors.



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