1972 Montanaro 'Vendemmie Storiche' Brandy 12x750ml

  • liquoHistoric Producer Founded in 1885
  • One of the Top Distilleries in The World
  • A Real Rarity.¬†Forgotten for Over 30 Years in Barrels of a Old Distillery
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This Brandy is a real rarity and was distilled from local wines with low alcohol and high acidity. Forgotten for more than 30 years in barrels of a old distillery in Val Susa
developing very balanced and elegant nature. Characterictic, pure and genuine
is real expression of tradition.

In 1922, the company became the property of Mario Montanaro (hence the name of the distillery) and his wife Angela Trussoni. This couple and their son Giuseppe managed to perfect the process of making this delicious digestif. They also adapted modern equipment to the factory. Since then and until today, Montanaro has followed a long tradition, producing with the same alembics, methods, and even suppliers. 

Since 2000, the company passed into the hands of a group of businessmen from the Albese region. They have managed to maintain the quality of their delicious products and establish the distillery as one of the Top distilleries in the world.

In addition to Grappa, the company produces Brandy’s, botanical and coffee liqueurs, vermouth, and Barolo Chinato.

Tasting Notes: The bouquet is spicy and typical of wood. It reveals a unique combination of clear and intense wood hints due to long aging as well as sweeter notes. A full taste on the palate corresponds to a full bouquet on the nose.



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