J.J. Corry the Gael Irish Whiskey

  • Aged in Sherry and Bourbon Casks from Jerez and Kentucky
  • Enriched with the History of Their Oldest Whiskeys
  • Born from a 130-Year-Old Label's Whisper
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Louise McGuane, the visionary behind this masterpiece, hails from the windswept landscapes of West Clare, where the relentless Atlantic Ocean shapes the very essence of life. Louise's path led her far and wide, from bustling global cities to remote corners of the wine and spirits world. Yet, her heart always drew her back to her family farm in Cooraclare.

One day, while rummaging through an antique shop, Louise stumbled upon a label that would change the course of her destiny. It read, "Mature Irish whiskey, bonded & carefully bottled by J.J. Corry. Kilrush Co. Clare." This label, with its 2-color hand-drawn type, ignited a spark within Louise, connecting her to the past and revealing her future in the world of Irish whiskey.

J.J. Corry, an entrepreneurial spirit of a bygone era, operated a thriving business in Kilrush, trading in spirits, tea, bicycles, musical instruments, and more. Yet, it was the phrase "bonded & carefully bottled" that piqued Louise's curiosity. She embarked on a quest to understand the lost art of whiskey bonding – the art of blending whiskeys of different vintages, stills, aging locations, and barrels to create unique flavors.

In 2015, Louise revived this forgotten tradition, becoming a torchbearer for the vibrant whiskey culture that had withstood the trials of time. She chose West County Clare as the canvas for her craft, capitalizing on its salty microclimate that lent a distinctive character to her aging whiskey.

But the journey didn't end there. Louise's global experiences guided her in selecting the most captivating and inspired casks from the worlds of wine and spirits to impart their essence into her whiskey.

The Gael Irish Whiskey is a testament to the resilience of tradition and the spirit of exploration. It all began with a 130-year-old label, a whisper from the past that has evolved into a symphony of flavors for the present.

A a delightful blend of Irish whiskey styles, matured in the finest sherry and bourbon casks from Jerez, Spain, and Kentucky, USA, with a touch of history from some of the oldest whiskeys in their treasure trove of flavors.

Tasting NotesIt starts with an offering of orange hard candy, evolving into the essence of candied orange peel. Then, the stage is set for the emergence of cooked stone-fruit flavors, reminiscent of apricot frangipane tart and the comforting embrace of peach cobbler.



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