2022 Lofos Siatista Xinomavro Greek Rose 12x750ml

  • "The Pinnacle of Native Grapes" ~Decanter
  • This Rosé Embodies the Soul of Greece's Majestic Terroir
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About the Wine

In the heart of Northern Greece's mountain peaks and rolling hills lies a grape that thrives in its elevated terrain—Xinomavro. Derived from "Lòfos," meaning hills, this Xinomavro is cultivated around the charming town of Siatista. The cooler mountain climate lends itself perfectly to crafting this exquisite rosé.

Infused with a hint of indigenous Moschomavro, this mountain rosé is a delightful balance of briskness and generosity, showcasing intense raspberry and strawberry flavors.

Over the past decade, Xinomavro has ascended to become one of Greece's foremost grape varieties, often hailed as the pinnacle of native grapes. Its roots are firmly planted in Northern and Central Greece, with presence in four of Greece's esteemed Protected Designations of Origin (PDO), including Naoussa, Amynteo, Goumenissa, and Rapsani. 

While Xinomavro is celebrated for its red wine production, it also shines in the creation of exceptional rosés. It's a grape that embodies the spirit of exploration and experimentation in winemaking.

The 2022 Lofos Siatista Xinomavro Rosé beautifully captures the essence of Greece's mountainous terrain. 

Tasting Notes: 100% Xinomavro. With a pale pink hue and a delightful aroma of ripe raspberries and freshly picked strawberries, this wine offers a balanced blend of tangy freshness and the sweet, fruity flavors of Xinomavro grapes. Its finish is clean and crisp, leaving a refreshing and delicious taste on the palate. This rosé embodies the unique character of Greece's hills and valleys, making it an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts.



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