2015 Certosa Di Belriguardo Rosso Di Clausura 12x750ml

  • 97 Point Vintage ~Wine Spectator
  • Owned by Internationally Acclaimed Italian Rock Star
  • One of "100 Fine Italian Wines" Collection by Oscar Farinetti
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About the Wine

"Wine is in the very core of my body, moving. It’s the source of the notes that cling to a melody. It’s the thrill that reminds you where you come from when you’re in the middle of a field, wherever it might be. Wine is my life." ~ Gianna Nannini

Nestled among the enchanting Chianti dei Colli Senesi hills stands the age-old Certosa di Belriguardo. Steeped in history, this remarkable estate was built in 1348 by Catholic monks who began crafting wine in the 16th century. It's a place where tradition meets innovation, and its legacy is etched into the very fabric of the Nannini family, historically linked to Siena.

In 2006, the internationally acclaimed Italian rock star, Gianna Nannini, rekindled her passion for wine. She took the reins of the family estate and, with the expertise of skilled winemakers, transformed Certosa di Belriguardo into a beacon of winemaking excellence. Gianna's journey with wine mirrors her musical prowess, creating modern wines with an international flair while preserving the essence of the land.

In 2018, after crossing paths with Oscar Farinetti, Certosa became part of the prestigious 100 Fine Italian wines collection. This marked the beginning of a new journey, where tradition and modernity harmonize to create wines that transcend boundaries.

The Rosso di Clausura, a Sangiovese with a touch of Merlot, unveils an unexpected grace and elegance. The nose reveals a spicy allure, accompanied by the aromas of ripe fruit and plum jam.

Aging: 24 months in old French oak barriques

Tasting Notes: 80% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot. This wine is packed with intense and long-lasting flavors that truly stand out. It's well-balanced and has a solid structure, making it a top-notch choice. Your new everyday wine!



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