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La Grande Josiane Armagnac 750ml

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  • From Historic Estate, Château de Bordeneuve
  • Better Than Grand Marnier
  • Family Owned Estate

About the Wine 

To all enthusiasts looking for an authentic taste sensation, Château de Bordeneuve presents a nectar made from the estate’s Armagnac blended with a sugar syrup and natural extracts of bitter orange Bigarade. Developed from an old family recipe, La Grande Josiane is the result of a subtle alliance between the fullness and strength of Bas-Armagnac and the softness and perfume of bitter oranges meticulously selected for their maturity. This nectar is a concentration of flavors that can be drunk at any time of the day:

~As an apéritif: to sip over ice, mix with sparkling wine or Champagne for the ultimate in luxury; its aromatic intensity is perfect in numerous delicious cocktails.

~As a digestif: pure, poured into a still-warm coffee cup.

~In cooking: La Grande Josiane will add a zing to fruit salads, sorbets or is excellent formaking crèpes flambées.

Tasting Notes: On the nose, notes of candied orange gently caress the senses. Once in the mouth, it’s the fruit of perfectly ripened orange that takes over, structured by the Armagnac with its delicate yet powerful aromas. A note of cinnamon deliciously invades the tastebuds on the finish.


Armagnac plus orange liqueur equals a delightful sipper. The rich aroma bursts with orange oil and rich, comforting vanilla. On the palate, nuanced cocoa and coffee wind into a cinnamon-warmed finish, plus just enough alcohol to cut the sweetness. ~95 Wine Enthusiast

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