One Vine Wines

One Vine Wines is a non-traditional importer and distributor of fine wines (and some beers). We have harnessed technology to usher in the modern age in an industry that has been reluctant to adapt and change. We have assembled a team of industry veterans who taste thousands of wines a year. We sift through these wines to bring our clients the wines that we believe represent outstanding quality and value. By using a direct email campaign and our online shop, we have eliminated many of the inefficiencies and anachronisms of the wholesale trade. For instance, by removing sales staff from the street we are able to lower our prices by the 10-15% commission rate often paid sales reps. By asking clients to pay at the time of order, we have significantly reduced the tedious and costly collections process. Through our pre-arrival and pre-order offers, we are able to drastically reduce our on-hand inventory and mitigate cash tied up in inventory. We believe One Vine Wines is paving a better way to conduct business in the wholesale wine trade.

One Vine Wines intends to disrupt the existing regime of wholesalers that dominate the landscape by owning brands, price fixing, and otherwise bullying the marketplace into submission.

Our goal is to provide transparency to what has been a very arcane and murky business. We are letting you know up front that we operate on a lean margin. The way we achieve this is by streamlining the business to improve efficiency and focus on the most valuable aspect of our role as a supplier: to select the best wines and provide them at the lowest cost. We have essentially eliminated sales people and instead invested in technology to reach the most buyers in the largest geographical region. We have leveraged more than 15 years in the wine business to bring you the wines that matter and the wines that sell.

Through the years, we have met thousands of clients in several states. Time and again, we have received comments from like-minded small and medium sized businesses who can no longer tolerate the business practices of the largest wholesalers and that they would be pleased to work with us to support a local business with a diverse product portfolio. One Vine Wines is pleased to fulfill this role for your business.