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Wine Trading Opportunity Buys for Retailers Distributors Importers

One Vine Wines reveals wine trading opportunity buys sure to improve business for wine retailers, wine distributors, and wine clubs.  The opportunity concerns a closely-guarded secret in the wine industry. Those in the know can save money and improve access to the variety of fine wines available in the national marketplace.     

A nontraditional importer and distributor of fine wine, One Vine Wines offers a new platform to address this opportunity in the wine trade. This platform delivers a more effective method for:

  • buying and selling
  • liquidating or trading
  • diversifying selection and price

Wine Trading For Retailers Distributors Importers Wine Clubs

“Because of continued consolidation in the wine trade, we developed much-needed liquidation and closeout expertise over the last ten years,” owner Greg Martellotto explains. “Companies with unsold inventory or involved in bankruptcy needed a better alternative to liquidate their inventory. On the buyer side, retailers and wholesalers get exclusive access to many top-rated wines at amazing prices.”

Wine Buyers may find more information here:  https://onevinewines.com/pages/buyer-form

Companies needing to sell wine without having an appropriate channel can use the platform to move their wine. Leveraging One Vine Wines’ expertise, inventory is quickly and efficiently converted into cash.

Wine Sellers may find more information here:  https://onevinewines.com/pages/wine-supplier

Wine retailers, wholesalers, and wine clubs can now access high-demand, high-quality wines at unheard of pricing. 

With extraordinary access to top-rated, cult wines, and other fine wines, wholesale purchasers gain access to limited wines at rare price points. 

Having alternative product sources gives retailers more options for meeting consumers’ needs.

wine retailers distributors clubs buy opportunity

“As a result of oversupply and a bottleneck in the distribution system, large quantities of highly-rated wine are piling up in warehouses around the country. These companies don’t have a distribution channel,” continues Greg. “Our platform brings together sellers and buyers, offering benefits to both. As a longtime expert in the industry, I also understand the need for the utmost discretion in these transactions.”

With distribution in the hands of fewer and larger wholesale wine distributors, many wineries, importers, wholesalers are finding themselves shut out of the market. Turning to an expert in wine liquidation is often the best option.

Having alternative product sources gives retailers more options for meeting consumers’ needs.

Ensuring complete discretion One Vine Wine delivers a new platform that is easy and efficient by all parties. Companies wanting to buy, sell, or trade wine closeouts and liquidations now have a better option. 

One Vine Wines Wholesale Wine Distributor

About One Vine Wines

One Vine Wines, founded in 2005, is a nontraditional importer and distributor of fine wines. An expert team tastes thousands of wines a year and chooses only wines of outstanding quality and value. They offer unique and superior wines from award-winning winemakers and the best vineyards.

With a direct email campaign and an online shop, One Vine Wines eliminated many of the inefficiencies of the wholesale trade.  One Vine Wines paves a better way to conduct business in the wholesale wine trade. 


Greg Martellotto, Owner

One Vine Wines