Wine Importer One Vine Wines Endorses Ingenuity for Wine Trade Job Searchers

wine trade job searchers

According to One Vine Wines, a nontraditional importer and distributor of fine wine, creativity is the most important skill for wine trade job searchers in 2020.

Owner Greg Martellotto recently stated, ‚ÄúWhen someone asks me for advice about entering the wine business, I tell them to be creative about their search. Innovation is vital for the wine industry to evolve. Opportunities exist everywhere, from micro-wineries to global corporate players. From agriculture to technology, science to marketing, skills are needed from every discipline.‚ÄĚ

In September 2018, Greg offered his view of nine different wine careers. These included:

  1. Wine Broker or Sales Representative
  2. Wine Importer/Exporter
  3. Distributor
  4. Grower/Producer/Winemaker/Winery Work: interns, assistants, managers
  5. Traditional or Direct to Consumer Retailer
  6. Education: credentialed programs including WSET, SWE, MS, MW
  7. Service/Restaurants
  8. Warehousing, Inventory, & Delivery
  9. Wine Industry Supplier: equipment, design, etc. 

He also mentioned selling products to tasting rooms, compliance and reporting, and human resources.

The global wine trade will continue to grow for at least the next five years, creating more jobs. The business needs the problem-solving skills of scientists, engineers, consultants, digital marketers and others throughout the supply chain. Wine jobs abound for people who aspire to be a part of the wine business.

Developing wine markets in China, India, and Japan will grow faster than others, providing more opportunities. There is a need for consumer education about wine and wine marketing in countries like Vietnam, South Korea, Brazil, or Argentina.

wine careers

Creativity is needed in agricultural practices, grape varieties, and distribution. Packaging will move beyond cans and smaller bottles to offer more product differentiation. 

There is a pent-up demand for more in-depth consumer research, including the impact of global food trends. For example, as consumers understand the connection between food and wine, they search for more food-friendly wines.

The multi-billion-dollar wine trade needs creative consumer-friendly pricing solutions, a plus for finance experts. Other options include larger companies seeking acquisitions or real estate and development projects.


  • equipment repair and maintenance
  • events/tourism/travel
  • wine bars /shops
  • delivery systems
  • digital and social media
  • legal and accounting

A changing climate means that property & liability insurance and risk management work is critical. The need for grape inspections during harvest is growing due to the increased risk of smoke taint in certain regions.

Innovations in housing are important for winery workers in California and Australia who lost their homes due to fire. The industry welcomes creative policies around immigration, community support, waste management, and more. Language skills for teaching, training, and translating are appreciated.

From young people to retirees, anyone with creativity can turn a passion for wine into rewarding work.

one vine wines endorses ingenuity for wine trade job searchers

About One Vine Wines

One Vine Wines, founded in 2005, is a nontraditional importer and distributor of fine wines. An expert team tastes thousands of wines a year and chooses only wines of outstanding quality and value. They offer unique and superior wines from award-winning winemakers and the best vineyards.

With a direct email campaign and an online shop, One Vine Wines eliminated many of the inefficiencies of the wholesale trade.  One Vine Wines paves a better way to conduct business in the wholesale wine trade. 


Greg Martellotto, Owner

One Vine Wines