U.S. Embassies Feature American Wine Worldwide by One Vine Wines

us embassies american wine

Wine broker, One Vine Wines, announces export opportunities for U.S. Embassies featuring American wines  around the world. With its wide range of award-winning wines, U.S. diplomatic missions and Ambassador residences serve the best of California to employees and guests.

“We are honored to offer American wines to U.S. embassies around the globe. Our program allows embassies to serve high-quality wines for employees and dignitary guests to enjoy,” says Greg Martellotto, owner of One Vine Wines.

“We’re proud to know that our fine U.S. wines are being poured at consulate and embassy events on Independence Day, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, as well as diplomatic functions. The opportunity to expand global knowledge and appreciation of California wine is vast, especially when compared to our French competitors.”

american embassies american wine

According to the State Department, the United States has around 220 diplomatic and consular posts around the world.  Each procurement officer decides where to source various supplies.

Intending to support U.S. small business, the State Department offers employees and guests a typical U.S. style environment. Because all products must meet U.S. safety and health codes, they prefer U.S.-made products.

With the export program, One Vine Wines provides the following benefits: 

  • Handling all sourcing details for meeting regulations, including USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service, and TTB compliance
  • Working with the California Wine Institute and Culinary Diplomacy Project
  • Directly sourcing from wineries to reduce costs, thereby avoiding paying retail pricing
  • Representing California’s specialty fine wines from important appellations including: Napa Valley, Sonoma, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, Lodi, Mendocino, and other California wine regions
  • Expanding global knowledge and a deep understanding of California wine as a result of more than two decades of experience
  • Increasing the reach of all aspects of the California wine business

 us embassies american wine one vine wines

One Vine Wines’ strategic location in San Diego, CA is advantageous for meeting the demands of U.S. embassies globally. From preparing pallets for export to providing full-service wine freight consolidation, One Vine Wines is a one-stop shop. Most clients prefer to order mixed pallets and have the wine shipped via air freight to the airport nearest the diplomatic mission.

 “Our business is uniquely suited for exporting wines because of our deep experience at all levels of the wine trade. We are excited to see this part of our business continue to grow,” Greg continued. “Our strong team can address the needs of embassies and military installations worldwide, including private label wines to serve at official functions.”

 U.S. embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions have a goal to support U.S. businesses, including wine. U.S. Ambassadors are proud to present and promote American-made wines at their official diplomatic engagements and galas. What better way to represent American values than with a high-quality glass of domestic wine. 

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One Vine Wines, founded in 2005, is a nontraditional importer and distributor of fine wines. An expert team tastes thousands of wines a year and chooses only wines of outstanding quality and value. They offer unique and superior wines from award-winning winemakers and the best vineyards.

With a direct email campaign and an online shop, One Vine Wines eliminated many of the inefficiencies of the wholesale trade. 

One Vine Wines paves a better way to conduct business in the wholesale wine trade. 


Greg Martellotto, Owner

One Vine Wines

(619) 567-9244