PROWEIN: Everything You Need to Know About One of the Most Important Wine Fairs in the World

PROWEIN: Everything You Need to Know About One of the Most Important Wine Fairs in the World

Last week with the One Vine Wines and Big Hammer Wines team, we were present at Prowein, Dusseldorf, the most impressive wine fair. More than 5,700 exhibitors from 62 countries, with more than 38,000 professional visitors from 145 countries, were part of this event.

The atmosphere at the fair was the United Nations of wine, with 13 pavilions filled with trade specialists from the hotel, restaurant, catering, and retail sectors. Each pavilion was like entering a new world where the language changes, the people, cultures, traditions, accents, food, and of course, the way of producing wine.

Navigating Prowein is not simple if you do not have the experience. We want to share with you some tips that were of help to lighten up and move easier during the three days of the fair.

  1. Have a big breakfast: When you arrive at the event, you start tasting wines early, so it is important not to feel hungry to keep up with the pace and avoid the big lines to get food.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes: It seems silly, but you must go to the festival in the most comfortable shoes you have. You can maintain the style by wearing cute, elegant clothes and keeping it casual, but tennis shoes are undoubtedly the best option, for the long hours you will be standing up.
  3. Tote bag: Some cloth bags are given from time to time at the stands, but if you already have one, do not hesitate to bring it. People handout business cards and brochures and it’s essential to keep your hand's free while tasting.
  4. Prowein App: Download the app! You must have the app to search for the producer or winery faster; there is a world of stands, and you don't want to waste time searching for them.
  5. Bring a snack: Sometimes, I tend to be a bit of a mom, but by noon after tasting so many wines, it is normal that you feel like eating something. Protect your stomach and have a bite of some crackers, nuts, bar, or mini cakes, something that prevents you from feeling hungry so you can keep on going. Some of the suppliers thoughtfully provide salami, cheese, and crackers, so take advantage of those snacks too.
  6. Keep Hydrated: Buy a bottle of water early and bring it with you; you must keep on drinking water to perform at the festival.
  7. Schedule appointments, but do not saturate your day: It is crucial to meet specific providers to discuss important matters, but it is a joy to allow time to discover what is around. There are crazy possibilities regarding wines, styles, labels, bottles, regions, flavors, and more!

Now after stating these tips. Are you ready to enjoy the most impressive fair in the world? Have you ever been to Prowein? If so, what other recommendations would you add?

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