One Vine Wines delivers biodynamic Bordeaux wines for consumers.

biodynamic bordeaux wines

San Diego, CA (July 3, 2019) - One Vine Wines continues changing the way the wholesale wine business works in the U.S.  As an innovative distributor and importer, One Vine Wines focuses on bringing wines to market that meet consumer demands.

“Because of continued consolidation of the wholesale wine business in the U.S., consumers find it increasingly difficult to access the wines they want,” says owner Greg Martellotto.  “At One Vine Wines, we fill the gap, importing the natural, green and biodynamic wines consumers are asking for.”

One Vine offers their retail and wine club clients a new approach to buying wholesale by delivering exclusive wines not found elsewhere. These are wines the largest wine importers and distributors can’t or won’t bring in. 

By challenging the big guys with a streamlined business model, One Vine has reduced inefficiencies in the supply chain. The ultimate goal and success is delivering higher quality wines at lower prices to consumers. Providing best in class wines consumers want, One Vine Wines exceeds expectations. 

consumers want green biodynamic bordeaux wines

Some wine drinkers are concerned not only with the provenance of the food they eat, but also of the wine they drink. They are concerned with farming practices in wine, just as they are with food. “Green” wines, those that are beneficial to the environment, are becoming more popular.

Recently, One Vine Wine imported a portfolio of biodynamic wines from Bordeaux. Their fine-wine experts sourced the wines from small farms, specifically to meet the needs of demanding consumers. 

Biodynamic farming goes beyond organic and sustainable practices. In biodynamic farming, the entire farm is treated as a complete, living ecosystem and the wineries complete a rigorous assessment from Demeter. 

Many of the smaller family-owned estates in Bordeaux use these types of practices. They incorporate animals and plants into the vineyards and follow the precepts set out by Rudolf Steiner a century ago. Reducing the use of chemicals is a priority and the wines are made with limited intervention. The resulting wines exhibit deeper character more reflective of the land.

one vine wines tests biodynamic bordeaux wines

One Vine Wines also requires lab tests of all wines they import. They test for chemicals, low sugar (less than 1 g/L of total sugar), low alcohol (12.5% or less) and low sulfites (less than 75 parts per million.) 

These wines are true expressions of the natural world where they originate. Consumers want authentic wine and One Vine Wines delivers.

ABOUT One Vine Wines

One Vine Wines is a nontraditional importer and distributor of fine wines founded in 2005. With a team of industry veterans who taste thousands of wines a year, they bring to their clients only the wines they believe represent outstanding quality and value. By using a direct email campaign and an online shop, they eliminated many of the inefficiencies and anachronisms of the wholesale trade. One Vine Wines is paving a better way to conduct business in the wholesale wine trade. 


Greg Martellotto, Owner

One Vine Wines

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