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One Vine Wines knows university alumni groups around the country face challenges raising much-needed funds. But by following Stanford University’s lead using a custom label wine program, alumni groups can raise more money.  

One Vine Wines offers the best custom label wine program for alumni groups. By offering wines of quality and value, alumni groups can meet their fundraising goals. Just ask Stanford. It has worked for them for 39 years! 

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One Vine Wines Delivered for Stanford University Alumni

Located near the famous wine regions of Napa and Sonoma, Stanford developed its own custom label wine program to support the Stanford Alumni Association. This program raises hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to support a variety of activities on the Stanford campus.

You can imagine alumni of Stanford University must be pretty demanding when it comes to wine. 

Stanford alumni in the wine business include Steve Lohr of J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines,

Peter Mondavi Jr. of Charles Krug Winery, and Alder Yarrow of Vinography.  Along with representatives from wineries such as Grgich Hills and Francis Ford Coppola, only the best wines are selected each year.   

One Vine Wines delivered the wine for Stanford’s 2019 top Governor’s Selection. It was the 2017 Happy Canyon Red Blend from Martellotto Winery. This was a Bordeaux-style blend of  75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Petit Verdot from famed Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara vineyards.

‚ÄúWe are proud to have our wine featured in the Stanford Wine Collection for 2019,‚ÄĚ says Stanford alumni and One Vine Wines owner, Greg Martellotto. ‚ÄúBeing chosen as Governors‚Äô Selection is an honor. I am sure alumni around the country will enjoy this spectacular wine.‚ÄĚ

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Alumni Associations Take Note - One Vine Wines Delivers for You Too!

Imagine raising money for your alumni group by featuring top quality wine at friendly prices. Think about how much money you can raise. 

Your alumni club likely includes many wine drinkers and alumni who are in the wine business. Including these alumni in creating an annual program can help your club raise money over and over, maybe even for 39 years.  

Consider enlisting alumni who are artists in creating different custom labels every year. One year might feature different aspects of alumni life and another could feature photo images from around the campus. Event and hospitality alumni can design programs to introduce the wines. There are many options. 

Greg, an award-winning winemaker and wine entrepreneur, knows the wine business intimately from the vineyard to retail. He can help you craft satisfying wines at a price-point you will appreciate. And, in partnership with, Greg can assist with the compliance, shipping, and fulfillment of the wines to alumni around the country.  

What a fun, easy and lucrative way to raise money for your alumni association.

How to Develop Your Own Alumni Group Private Label Wine Program

How to Develop Your Own Private Label Wine Program 

If you want your own custom label wine with better wine for less money, you need the right partner. Many companies offer private label wines that can be overpriced with inferior quality. Your program will be finished after the first year.  

Seek out a producer who can help you develop the right wine program that will meet the needs of your organization and will deliver quality, price and consistent availability. 

The right company will help you create exclusive wines for your alumni group that can’t be found in the local big box store or supermarket.  

Then be creative in designing your own personalized labels. You will have an exclusive alumni-branded wine that no one else has!

Few private label wine companies offer premium quality wine, but you can depend on One Vine Wines’ reputation. Because we have access to the best vineyards and use high-quality production methods, we deliver unique quality custom label wines.

At One Vine Wines, we create custom wine, white label wine, private label wine and personalized wine depending on the goals of each client. With a variety of quality wines at reasonable price points, you will find what you need.

As a private label wine distributor, we lead the market for high-quality custom label wine options for the retail market. We offer in-demand varietals and blends and will do everything for you, including direct delivery.

Alumni Fundraising Custom Label Wine Expert

One Vine Wines is Your Custom Label Wine Expert for Alumni Fundraising

Call One Vine Wines to place your order for your custom label wine for your annual fundraising program, your next alumni fundraising event or even for your upcoming alumni holiday party. A unique alumni-branded wine will make any event more special.

One Vine Wines promises custom label clients unique and superior wines from award-winning winemakers crafted from only the best vineyards. 

As a nontraditional importer and distributor of fine wines, we are laser-focused on the consumer. We have an expert team tasting thousands of wines every year. This allows us to offer only wines of outstanding quality and value in relevant categories and at more competitive prices.

By using a direct email campaign and an online shop, we removed many of the inefficiencies of the wholesale trade. Our low overhead and efficient business model allow us to offer better prices to our customers.

We believe in a better way to conduct business in the wholesale wine trade. 

Call One Vine Wines to begin your alumni wine program today!

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