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One of the best ways to grow profits and build brands in the retail wine business is to create a private label wine program.

In the past, most wines were blended because a small vineyard owner may not have the equipment or experience to make wine. Rather, the grapes were shipped to a local cooperative winemaking facility.

In the U.S., importers, distributors and wineries are all involved with private label wine programs. Indeed, the number of wine brands has exploded in the last 10-15 years.

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Private Label Wine Program is The Alternative to Limited Choice

Wine retailers have many responsibilities, one of which is to source wines. 

Due to industry consolidation, wine distribution is controlled by mega-companies. These companies sell large quantities of wine to thousands of accounts. 

Their businesses are about volume, not about choice or working with accounts to help them source wines to fit their business goals and customer base.

Mega-wholesalers basically force retailers to sell their customers something they don’t want. And consumers are tired of the boring wines these companies push.

Retailers need other options.

Creating a private label wine program is an option that works. 

It allows a retailer to offer its customers a unique and higher-quality wine product at lower cost. An added benefit is that the retailer can promote their own brand, and potential make a higher margin.

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Private Label Wine Program Benefits

Better products, lower prices, higher margin and brand building are all strong reasons for considering a private label program.

Many restaurants are finding that their private label wines are some of their customers’ favorites. Customers are developing loyalty to these brands.

Premium wines that deliver value are harder to find from large distributors. Through a private label wine program, retailers can offer value-priced premium wines that are equal to higher priced branded products. 

Benefits of a private label wine program include:

  1. Developing the perfect wine brand that reflects your business and appeals to your customers.
  2. Meeting customers desires in terms of quality and price.
  3. Offering customers new and different wines.
  4. Having an exclusive wine that the competition can’t offer.
  5. Growing market share while building your brand.
  6. Having a flexible wine portfolio that is adaptable over time.
  7. Realizing higher margins.
  8. Building a long-term relationship with the supplier to the mutual benefit of both.
  9. It is fast and easy. 

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Private Label Wine Program Development Considerations

Developing a private label wine program is not as simple as choosing from a list of wines and slapping your label on the bottle. Consider the following:

  1. Choose a supplier that can consistently meet volume and quality requirements.
  2. Understand your customer’s preferences so you can offer wines they enjoy.
  3. Determine the price point that increases your profits while providing better customer pricing as compared with branded products.
  4. Get the quality/value proposition correct. Missing the mark results in higher costs and lower revenue.
  5. Determine appropriate purchasing and delivery policies.

A good supplier will partner with the retailer to determine the right portfolio of wines. For example, restaurants will want wines that match with food and retail stores might want to promote unusual grapes or blends to encourage experimentation.

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Private Label Wine Program Solution - One Vine Wines

With a superior portfolio of wines, One Vine Wines jumps to the forefront of quality private-label options for the retail market. We help our customers grow brand value and add variety and margin to their wine portfolio. Greg Martellotto is the owner of One Vine Wines and he is also an accomplished winemaker. He has produced many award-winning wines that have received 90+ ratings from major critics.

As a nontraditional importer and distributor, One Vine Wines, takes an outsider point-of-view. Our “vine to market” approach offers solutions to the many challenges and problems in the industry.

Because we are laser-focused on the consumer, our sommeliers and wine experts taste more than 5,000 wines annually. This allows us to offer a diversified portfolio of wines that are rare or not available elsewhere.

We only offer wines of quality and value in fast growing categories at more competitive prices. Our low overhead and efficient business model allows our customers to make more money.

By combining our wines with strong private brands, retailers will draw attention and customers.

One Vine Wines believes in a better way to conduct business in the wholesale wine trade. Interested? Fill out this form to get started.