The One Vine Way of Selling Wines B2B

The One Vine Way of Selling Wines B2B

When we started this new, direct to market strategy, a number of wine buyers told us that they wanted more product diversity presented to them. Many were limited to only a handful of distributor suppliers. In some small and rural towns, clients have a single sales representative visit them. High profile restaurants, on the other hand, employ a full-time wine director plus at least one sommelier. With two employees dedicated to wine sourcing and management, they were able to work with fifty or more suppliers.

Let's be honest: most hotels, restaurants and retailers don’t have time to meet with five distributor representatives, let alone fifty.

That's where One Vine Wines steps in. We do the broad tasting for you. We aren't buying the full range of wines from a single winery and trying to build brands. In fact, we think that model is broken. For instance, a winery may make an outstanding cabernet, but that doesn't mean their Chardonnay is any good, nor does it mean that we would want to carry the item. We are simply trying to identify the best wines from a region and vintage and quickly bring those wines to market. By harnessing available technology and making frequent email offers to all of our clients, including accounts in small towns, we're able to bring more and better products to you.

Most importantly, we stand behind our product offers. If you aren't pleased with your purchase, we'll pickup the remaining 11 bottles and offer you a credit on your next order.