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For restaurant owners, wine buyers, sommeliers, and food and beverage directors around the country, finding the right local wine distributor can be a problem. One Vine Wines offers a disruptive and improved business model for today’s on-trade wine scene.

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We Source the Best Wines, Not Trying to Sell You What You Don’t Want

Due to today’s global economy, local restaurants buy foods, ingredients, and wines from around the world. 

As customers’ palates become more sophisticated and adventurous, finding the right wines to enhance the menu can be more complicated. 

Pairing wines with fusion and international dishes featuring different spices and condiments, and new preparation methods and techniques challenges the best sommeliers.

If your local distributor has a limited range of wines or doesn’t have the knowledge to make the right recommendations, your customers won’t have the best meal experience.

The local distributor may be too small to carry wines that fit the menu, or the big corporate distributor may push wines you don’t want.

One Vine Wines’ core skill is selecting the best in class wines and delivering the right wines to the right clients at the right time. 

Experts in the global wine marketplace, our strong team includes sommeliers (Advanced and WSET Dip), MS, MW, and wine experts with decades of experience.

Tasting more than 5,000 wines every year, we take the pressure off you. We track availability and upcoming trends so we can recommend pairings based on your specific needs.

Our expertise is driven through participation in en primeur Bordeaux events and all the major trade shows (Vinitaly, Prowein, Vinisud, and VinExpo.) 

We visit appellations and attend regional wine tastings. We read all major wine critics and publications to keep up with new discoveries. 

Our team curates and selects a diversified portfolio of wines, including those unavailable or rarely available. These wines will separate you from the crowd. 

Our commitment is to go wherever the wine market goes. Whatever the trend, from organic and low sugar wines to the latest rose, we develop the needed expertise. 

We deliver only the best wines in every category, wines your local distributor cannot provide. And we give you comprehensive product information about the details you need for each wine.

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A Nimble and Responsive Local Wine Distributor

One Vine Wines is better equipped to meet the demands of today’s complex wine business. We combine the best of both small local distributors and large corporate ones.

We are more flexible and responsive than large distributors and offer a greater variety of wines than smaller ones.

Big corporations are slow to change and mired in process and bureaucracy, whereas, we are nimble and bring transparency to the entire supply chain.

We don’t have salespeople or sales meetings. We eliminated many inefficient tasks that add cost and increase prices to the trade. For instance, we offer easy ordering via our online store, which means you can place your reorder anytime from your phone or computer. Operating with slim margins means lower prices and more money for you.

Our expertise is sourcing the best wines at every price point. We work with you to offer your customers dynamic options that fit your changing menu.

Our streamlined process is easier so you can focus on your business. The customer service portal allows you to access your order history, track deliveries and get quick responses to questions. You can pay with a credit card and earn points. 

All these benefits save you time and money.

Choose a wine distributor who is flexible and responsive enough to meet your needs. One who can help you take advantage of every opportunity. 

Count on One Vine Wines. We are there when you call, every time. 

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Exceeding Expectations in Local Wine Distribution

Other distributors classify customers which results in better service and options for some and less service and options for others. 

They may demand that you buy wines you don’t want in order to get the ones you do. You may have to carry an entire line of wine instead of the one or two you want.

One Vine Wines treats all customers the same. Everyone receives the same offers through an email notification process, which gives every customer the same opportunity to buy any wine, including highly allocated wines. 

Compare our prices, quality, and customer service against your current distributor. Because we continuously evaluate the pricing and selection of our competitors, you get the best wine at the best price. 

By offering wines that are unique versus your competition, you can satisfy your customers and make more money, 

Our streamlined, direct shipping business model cuts out middlemen and reduces costs for shipping and storage.

As service providers, we want to exceed your expectations through outstanding product selection, prompt communication, and attention to detail. 

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One Vine Wines: Your Best Choice as Local Wine Distributor

The results are clear - don’t get lost in the crowd. One Vine Wines offers a better wine wholesale experience.

With core values of integrity, professionalism, and consistency, our goal is to provide an innovative and alternative path to market.

Our unique sales proposition is our depth of knowledge and our streamlined business model. We offer a superior and diversified portfolio of wines that will be irresistible to your customers and make money for you.

As a nontraditional importer and distributor, One Vine Wines “vine to market” approach offers solutions to the challenges in the industry.

One Vine Wines believes in a better way to conduct business in the wholesale wine trade.

Contact us now for the right wines for your portfolio.