Martellotto "La Rosa" Rosé Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara 2017

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If you’re looking for adult “summer” water, here it is. Single vineyard, tiny production, low alcohol, top-notch Rosé from a young Santa Barbara producer. This wine is a blend Bordeaux varietals from saignee and traditional rose production. The resultant hue of the wine captures the colors of a California sunset over the Pacific ocean. Dress this wine up with your favorite canapés or dress it down poolside with burgers and fries.

The wine label is also a veritable work of art. Prof. John Langdon is the world's leading exponent of ambigrams (Da Vinci Code fame). He designed the Martellotto label as a totem that is a mirror image and symmetrical down the middle. The label heralds a new era in wine label design and art. Wine combines nature, organic chemistry and science, as well as the artistry of the winemaker's hand. If you look closely at the label, you can find the "ARTE" in this wine.

About the winery and vineyard: The roots and family of Martellotto trace their way back to the 17th century, linked to the southern Italian town of Alberobello in Puglia that’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Winemaker Greg Martellotto upholds the spectacular origins laid down by his family by making enticing, vibrant wines that speak to his own viticultural passion. He accomplishes this through a deft combination of sourcing sustainably farmed grapes from California’s choicest vineyards and deploying creative, progressive techniques to produce outstanding value wines that capture pinpoint varietal expression. Under Greg and Mike’s skilled guidance, these special grapes are transformed into a terrific limited production label that can stand proudly within any self-respecting wine lover’s collection, at a fraction of the price.


About the winemakers:  The one-two punch of winemaker Greg Martellotto and consultant Mike Roth bring a sublime mix of globally-inspired acumen and impressive connections to each vineyard they touch. Since jumping into winemaking in 2005, Greg has honed his craft amongst vines planted in Mexico, Italy, Napa Valley, and the California Central Coast. These travels have forged a deeply creative approach to winemaking fundamentals like fermentation technique and blending. Mike’s impressive resume include stints under Napa pioneers Mike Grgich and Nils Venge. His career trajectory has shaped him to be an authority in the fields of biodynamics and natural winemaking.