2018 Bodega Polo Herencia Trabajo Chardonnay Valle de Uco Mendoza - One Vine Wines

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About the Wine

Bodega Polo is a new BHW Direct Import from a winery with a long history and vineyards located in the Beverly Hills of Uco Valley in La Consulta. After fully renovating and upgrading an existing winery property in 2011, the family has relaunched with incredible hand-drawn labels that tell the story of their Heritage and Work on the land amongst the vines.

This is a crystalline wine that is pure in fruit flavor. Stainless tank fermented and aged means no oak or vanilla here. The wine is focused on green apples, ripe pears and a refreshing citrus acidity.

The Polo's say, "Herencia" means Inheriting, which implies staying together through time, honoring our family values. Caring for the land is a responsibility the family takes seriously. Sun, water from the Andes, good people. All this inhabits each and every bottle. Believe it, there’s life in there, there are hidden sensations and there’s joy.

Tasting Notes: 

Vines: 20+ year old from 3000+ feet toward the Andes

Aging: Stainless tank. No oak.

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